Karin Jolly

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Karin is exhibiting at the Museum of Contempoary Art
with the 7 Biennale of R Cas Festival in Perpignan
(CENTRE D’ART CONTEMPORIAN Acentmètresducentredumonde)

List of artists at R-CAS 2023

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Karin Jolly at the R-CAS Festival
7+8 octobre 2023 - 7+8 October 2023

Karin Jolly
Déclaration de l'artiste 2023
Je m'intéresse à la création de "modèles de perception" qui expriment la "texture de la vie", en particulier la zone où la vulnérabilité et la force s'entremêlent.

Je crée des sculptures contemporaines en utilisant des matériaux domestiques "simples".

Mes procédés s'inspirent de l'artisanat traditionnel et domestique et remettent en question les récits préconçus sur la matérialité.

Lorsque le familier est transformé en quelque chose d'imprévisible, c'est là que nous découvrons de nouvelles possibilités. Lorsque suffisamment de personnes sont d'accord avec un point de vue particulier et que les perceptions sont remises en question, le tissu de notre société commence à changer.

Karin Jolly
Artistic Statement 2023
I'm interested in creating 'models of perception' that express the 'texture of life', in particular the area where vulnerability and strength intertwine.

I create contemporary sculptures using 'simple' domestic materials.

My processes are inspired by traditional and domestic craft and challenge preconceived narratives about materiality.

When the familiar is transformed into something unpredictable, that's when we discover new possibilities. When enough people agree with a particular point of view and perceptions are challenged, the fabric of our society begins to change.

Karin Jolly
Exhibition in Céret
(Pyrénées-Orientales, France)
5th-27th August 2022

Karin Jolly. (°1965) A British polyvalent Sculptor, Performance, Installation Artist and lecturer. She works between her studios in Céret France and London UK.

The subtle trade mark of Jollys work is her unique use of simple ‘domestic’ materials, examples of Human Hair, Salt, Limescale, Safety Pins and Feathers.

Jolly endows the familiar with a new aesthetic and intriguing narrative, in doing so releases us from the expected creating something unforeseeable. It is here in this unfamiliar realm that we find new possibilities and Jollys dialogue of the ‘Texture of life’.

She describes her practice as the blending of Contemporary materialism and domestic alchemy. “ My process is born from traditional and domestic craft that I reappropriated to accommodate the new material and add to the narrative. The physical, mental and academic process blend and the artwork emerges. The final object is ‘a manifestation, a relic of the conversation between me, the materials, their qualities, and the process’ Sometimes exactly as I perceived it, sometimes it takes an unexpected turn. The journey is fascinating!  I use it as a tool to connect with the world around me.

Often strong themes of strength and vulnerability.
Photos from the exhibition

...a small slide show

... a small number of short videos
An article, published by L'Independant on August 10th
Some thoughts on Karin’s current exhibition in Céret. by Dr. James Pimm
For any enquiries, commissions, information or even just a chat,
please feel free to get in touch with Karin

164 Holders Hill Road

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